Cory worked in restaurants for 20 years before starting Shedwool, four years ago, out of a need that arose from the problem of on-call shifts being so terrible that they’re becoming illegal.


As an employee, changing schedules impact every facet of life, and as a manager and executive bonuses are contingent on controlling and forecasting labor.

The data existed to eliminate on-call shifts and to staff more efficiently, but nobody was doing it.

So I set out to create the simplest, easiest, most user-friendly and intuitive scheduling platform (web & mobile), and then using both in-house Artificial Intelligence / ML and partnering with incredible algorithm partners to power our interface, we’ve been able to bring to market an ecosystem that can help:

Forecast labor & sales;
Enhance employee morale & productivity;
Reduce labor costs;
Deliver employee rewards;
Fulfill temporary labor needs;
Train new hires;
Automate preshift and sales meetings;
Integrate with all current technology;

and so much more. If you own or run a business with employees that work unstable schedules – shedwools- we should have a chat!

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