Zara is the Head of Disruptive Technologies at MetaBytes, a Digital Transfomation enthusiast,  Blockchain Expert, Blockchain Architect.

About Zara

A people person who loves to work in a group!
A creative thinker who loves solving problems!
I love to work on infrastructural projects! They excite my brainy characteristic!
I’m a very self-motivated person, I know how to network, I am open minded and flexible with very very oh very high tolerance of risk.
I am so passionate about making a change and doing something new and offering values to society… oh wait doesn’t all of these indicate I’m an entrepreneur in heart and soul!
Due to the fact that I studied in a university with more than 50 nationalities and worked in the biggest oil and gas company of the world and cooperated with many multinational institutions for my startups, I would say I am very tolerant to diversities and so I am a very innovative person as well with wide range of expertise from oil and gas wire line to travel technology, e-tourism, innovation management, knowledge management and disruptive technologies especially Blockchain.
I’m not a workaholic though and do have times to my own as well which I spend most of it reading, baking or restaurant hunting and of course with friends.