Frederick Leonard is one of Nollywood’s Leading Men who has Successfully carved a viable niche for himself in the movie industry!

Frederick was born on the 1st of May, He is the first child of two, a native of Anambra state in Nigeria and a Biochemistry Graduate who ventured into Mainstream Acting in 2008 with his debut, A classic movie titled “Indian Doctor” and the hit TV series “Disclosure” in 2009 after which he has been on a sky high demand till date.

As an Actor, Frederick is driven by his passion for the Arts and firmly believes in impacting the society at large with the delivery of his superlative and endearing talent which has thereby brought to his gains several awards, including Best Actor AFRIFIMO AWARDS and Best supporting Actor GIAMA AWARDS.

Frederick Leonard has a Firm Belief in the Growth of the African Cinema, Not Just Becuase of it’s undeniable Ability to Contribute to the Growth of Any Country’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product) ( Nollywood NIGERIA 1.3%) It’s Also A Strong Medium Through Which We can Tell Our Stories, inform and Market Our Culture and Values As Africans to The World.